inspection drones

inspection drone

Integrated inspection solutions consisting of a drone provided by market leading manufacturers equipped with high resolution camera and automatic flight system.

Automatic inspection flight

High-resolution images

Modular hardware

safe, automatic flight

Enabled by our custom flight computer, capturing images at pre-defined locations.

  • Automatically steering clear from anything obstructing the planned flight path.
  • Plan flights beforehand or select areas to inspect on the spot.
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outdoor general visual inspection

high resolution images

Validated to be equivalent or better than the human eye.

high resolution image of aircraft

Minimal impact on inspection duration if a battery swap is needed.

Flying outdoor is possible because drone is resistant to wind (gusts) and has multiple levels of mailure mitigation.

A long list of aircraft types is already available in our system, and this can be easily expanded.

Works in any environment, no matter how busy or how much movement is going on.


data analysis platform

Data analysis platform

Our data analysis platform allows easily browsing through inspection data, performing AI-assisted image analysis and and generating reports that meet regulatory standards — all within one intuitive interface.

Automatic damage detection

Full histoy records of damages

Customizable reporting

automatic, AI assisted damage detection

Speeding up the inspection process, making review efficient and focussed.

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an inspection drone flying next to an aircraft in a hangar

customizable reporting

Save and share inspection results in any format that aligns with existing processes.

inspection drone software setup

3rd party integrations are easily realised because we enable external communication with our API’s.

Inspection data is easily accessible via our cloud platform, from any device, anywhere in the world.

Digital inspection review tools, supported by machine learning algorithms to speed up the inspection process if wanted.

Customer support is always available to optimize use and help with adoption of our solutions.

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