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Mainblades strives to empower the aviation industry to become more efficient and data-driven by automating inspection processes.

We believe the key lies in the seamless integration of robotics and computer vision into existing workflows. Committed to guiding our customers throughout the implementation, we are dedicated to ensure the operational success of our inspection tool in any maintenance environment.

We aim to lead the transformation to data-driven aircraft inspection processes at every aircraft maintenance facility in the world through automation


The successful introduction and adaptation of new technologies into existing aircraft maintenance workflows is based on 3 principles that are the key drivers of how we work:


We prioritize embracing change and fostering innovation, allowing our teams to adapt to industry trends and technology advancements. We encourage bold ideas and view challenges as opportunities. This flexibility extends to our tools, ensuring reliability without limitations in tailored client environments.


We embed operational excellence in all our work, pursuing precision and quality through ongoing development and learning. Instead of just meeting industry standards, we aim to redefine them by providing high-quality data for precise analysis, setting new accuracy benchmarks in aircraft maintenance.


Open communication is central to our operations, fostering trust and collaboration among our team, customers, and investors. We prioritize honesty and transparency to build strong relationships. When introducing new technologies, we emphasize clear dialogue with customers and regulators, promoting integrity and meaningful progress through collaboration.

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