Automated Aircraft Inspections

We deliver a complete drone-based inspection tool for the aviation industry. So you can perform your unscheduled and regular inspections in a safer, faster and more cost-effective way.

Up to €
savings per hour

Every minute spent on the ground results in operational and financial damage for an airline. The direct cost associated with these inspections, such as towing, hangar, equipment and staff costs, are appended with secondary costs such as loss of income, use of a different aircraft, or even flight cancellation. The necessary aircraft movements due to unscheduled inspections are an additional safety risk as well.

less operational delays

Unscheduled inspections are disruptive for any airline schedule, as the whole inspection process causes an average delay of 12 hours in operations. The most significant cause for unplanned inspections are lightning strikes; other causes are hail strikes or bird strikes. With our new drone inspection method, you can make an assessment whether or not to perform direct repairs within 2 hours.

% of the cases
aircraft cleared

In 80% of the cases – where the aircraft was struck by lightning – it can continue the original flight schedule without repairs to the damage. In these cases the damage is insignificant and can be repaired during the next planned maintenance series. With our system you can make this assessment within the turnaround time, with a high probability of keeping your aircraft off the ground!

Your new drone inspection will be



The ability to perform swift inspections on aircraft is crucial. You can perform the inspection at any location and complete the entire procedure within 2 hours for wide body aircraft and 1 hour for narrow body aircraft.



With our product the inspection is completely automated. As an additional benefit the results of the procedure are digitized; the collected data can be further exploited for status assessment of the aircraft.


The lightweight drone is completely equipped and integrated with state-of-the-art features regarding drones and robotic systems. A human factor is maintained in the loop to ensure a safely executed inspection and careful damage evaluation.

Old manual inspection

The use of drones will have a big impact on the current inspection procedure. Take Amsterdam Schiphol Airport as an example: when an aircraft is hit by lightning, the average total turnaround time lies around 12 hours. Half of that time is lost in getting the aircraft to the hangar and back. The visual inspection performed by ground engineers takes about 4 hours. The rest of the time is used to get the aircraft ready for the next flight (refueling and additional ground handling).

Automated drone inspection

Performing an inspection with our product is much more efficient than the regular inspection method. The all-weather technology makes it possible to perform inspections outside, even during adverse weather conditions. With our state-of-the-art technology, automated inspections at the gate are possible. Damage assessment can be made within the standard turnaround time of your aircraft resulting in 80% less flights with delays.

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