aircraft inspection

aircraft inspection automation

We enable digital automation of maintenance and repair processes.
Trusted by the world's largest maintenance and repair organizations.

inspection automation that works for

any aircraft


indoor and outdoor

and with

moving obstacles

in the maintenance environment

Fits into existing workflows, providing compliant, consistent output and high-quality insights through data.

inspection drones

Capable of fully automatic flight, 10x faster than the current manual method.

  • 45 minutes for a narrowbody
  • 3 hours for a widebody
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an inspection drone flying next to an aircraft

data analysis platform

Reduced human error in a repetitive task by automatic analysis of inspection images.

  • Automatic (AI assisted) damage detection
  • Cloud-based storage and review software
  • Customizable reporting
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Data analysis platform

An automated general visual inspection is performed by a drone, and the inspector reviews the photos.

Aircraft lightning strike inspection time reduced by 75%, saving costs and reducing safety risks for personnel around aircraft.

5x more accurate estimation of paint damages and high speed tape on the aircraft wings enables better planning of repairs.

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