collaborative co-creation leads to implementation success

As specialists in aviation, robotics, computer vision, hardware integration and software development, we guide customers to understanding, integrating and successfully adopting new tools.

our services that enable successful adoption

On-boarding services include training of personnel, customisation of reports and tailoring flight plans.

For optimal productivity we ensure data exchange between our system and any (ERP/MRO) system already in use.

A key service is our support in the design and execution of validation projects where we prove benefits and reliability of automated inspection.


Our product offers full customization for planning, executing, and documenting inspections, including drone flight, data analysis, and reporting. We ensure alignment with customer needs and offer seamless integration and comprehensive training.

case study
technician using a mainblades drone

3rd party integration

We offer seamless integration of third-party software and sensors, actively collaborating to expand the digital inspection ecosystem. Our goal is seamless data exchange between platforms for enhanced efficiency.

an inspection drone flying next to an aircraft outside


Collecting datasets for validation and verification procedures with regulatory authorities across the globe

case study
drone performing automated inspection in a hangar

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