Saving costs with drone inspections

Saving costs with drone inspections

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February 14, 2024

Can your business benefit from the use of drones?

At a time of unprecedented disruption, the future belongs to those who push the boundaries of innovation and start leveraging the potential offered by new technologies in all areas of their business’ operations. It’s a critical moment for the aviation industry, as any decision will determine its future direction in the post-COVID-19 era.  

While airlines and MRO strive to emerge stronger, the most important question today concerns their ROI (Return on Investment). The goal, after all, is to make the investment in innovation pay off for your business. Although having slowed down in the last months, the need for efficient upkeep is still required. That’s where our solution helps most.  

The answer is yes!

The benefits of using our drone for aircraft inspections fall into 3 categories: cost savings, continuous income, and increased safety.

With our solution, the most considerable cost savings come with reduced downtime. It means that as soon as you start using our drone, as an airline you convert the time waiting into flying, or as an MRO you can start earlier with your next hangar input, and its value will be already paying off.  

Due to its potential to solve problems and save costs, our solution is in place to revolutionize your business. You can see below two examples of real benefits or request a calculation based on your fleet.

Lightning strike inspections


Inspections (LSI) per aircraft per year: 4 times per year

Man-hour rate: € 75,– per hour

Fleet size: 50 aircraft

Lease rate 787 per hour: € 3.000,–

Saving man-hours

Manhour saving per inspection (LSI): 30 man-hours

Subtotal saving man-hours: € 450.000,–

Saving aircraft lease costs

Saving ground time per LSI: 8 hours

Subtotal saving lease costs: € 4.800.000,–

Total saving: € 5.350.000,– per year

General visual inspections


Aircraft parallel in hangar: 5

General Visual Inspection (GVI) – incoming: 100 per year

Man-hour rate: € 75,– per hour

# engineers on aircraft during check: 20 per check

Saving man-hours

Manhour saving per hangar input: 30 man-hours

Subtotal saving man-hours: € 225.000,–

Additional income per hangar position (shorter ground time)

More income per hangar input: 8 hours

Subtotal additional income: € 1.200.000,–

Total saving: € 1.445.000- per year

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