Speed and efficiency: drone inspections in aircraft maintenance

Speed and efficiency: drone inspections in aircraft maintenance


Written by Mila ter Mors

In the fast-paced world of aviation, where every minute counts and precision is paramount, traditional aircraft maintenance inspections often fall short in terms of speed and efficiency. Mainblades is bringing a revolutionary solution that transforms the way inspections are conducted: automated drone inspections. See how we harness the power of drones to assess the condition of aircraft swiftly and accurately, saving both time and money while ensuring the highest standards of safety and reliability. Welcome to the future of aircraft maintenance.

Currently, aircraft inspections can be time-consuming and costly affairs. Maintenance crews often spend hours meticulously inspecting every inch of an aircraft's exterior, both indoors and outdoors, to identify any signs of wear, damage, or corrosion. Not only does this process require a significant investment of manpower, but it also results in costly downtime for the aircraft. However, with Mainblades' automated drone inspections, this arduous task is streamlined and expedited. This means reduced downtime, lower operational costs, and faster turnaround times for maintenance procedures.

But don't just take our word for it. We encourage you to review the tables below, which present the average cost structure and potential operational impact of implementing the Mainblades’ solution.  

In comparison to the average duration of a manual visual inspection of a widebody aircraft, the Mainblades’ drone inspection takes 8x less time than a manual inspection.

The resource cost for this type of aircraft can be then cut down by over $8.800, and the operational gain (approximated by lease costs for won time) is valued at over $21.000. If we used the industry accepted averages for aircraft out of service cost, the operational gain would be $220.000 per single widebody inspection. Numbers like this simply can’t be ignored.

Ready to experience the speed and efficiency of drone inspections for yourself? Take the first step towards transforming your aircraft maintenance processes by reaching out to us today. Our team of experts will conduct a feasibility study (free of charge) presenting calculations quantifying the potential business case of utilizing automated aircraft drone inspection technology for your use cases and on your fleet. The report consists of an organizational readiness dashboard, cost-benefit analysis, return on investment (ROI) calculation and business model sensitivity diagram.



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