Innovators in aviation: #3 Peter Hartman

Innovators in aviation: #3 Peter Hartman



All leaders want to be successful, but not everyone knows how. Peter Hartman certainly does. He was CEO of KLM between 2007 and 2013. Since 2007 he has also been a continuous member of the Board of Directors of the holding Air France-KLM

In April 2017, Hartman was awarded the General Snijders medal for his major contribution to Dutch aviation and the associated social and economic interests for the Netherlands.

He is convinced that having innovative ideas is great, but at the same time making sure that organisations have the proper support and ecosystem to follow through is a different story. For him, a mutual framework is the key to successful innovation in the aviation industry.

That is why his answer to the question of being able to change one thing about the industry today is this: "We need more alignment. The startups are responsible for taking the lead to innovate. However, it is up to the established players to finance it and to give startups opportunities to test their innovations. This is only possible with a mutual framework that is based on respect and the liberty to operate freely".

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