Featured in "Aviation Week Network"

Featured in "Aviation Week Network"



Have you seen Aviation Week Network's latest article about how we tackle challenges with paint chipping on Boeing 787 aircraft?

A hot topic in aviation right now!

The software developed in cooperation with KLM Engineering & Maintenance automatically identifies and labels both paint damage as well as high-speed tape using high-resolution images and measurements. This way it can predict where damage is occurring, where tape will be needed next and how the damage is progressing over time. Valuable insights to take concrete action.

Interviewed by Lindsay Bjerregaard, CEO Dejan Borota has shared couple of insights from cooperation between KLM and Mainblades, and explained how Mainblades drones come in handy when it comes to solving industry’s hottest topic

Read the full article here: Tackling 787, A350 Paint Headaches Through Drone Inspections

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