Daniel Trombitas: from self-driving Volvo trucks to autonomous inspection drones

Daniel Trombitas: from self-driving Volvo trucks to autonomous inspection drones

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Daniel's ambition has led him to many successful endeavors, especially in his academic path.He graduated Cum Laude from the Delft University of Technology, after accomplishing a master research project in the field of stability control for self-driving vehicles at Volvo Trucks, in Sweden. Highlights of this experience include successful real-life vehicle tests of the developed self-driving algorithm.

Daniel joined Mainblades as a Robotics Software Engineer. This role, he says, calls to all his passions: it incorporates creativity, resilience and problem-solving. “Developing an automated inspection tool involves navigating a wave of excitement and challenge. Extensive software testing and improvements are required to ensure that the drone complies with stringent standards for performance”, explains.Want to learn more about the technical challenges of drone inspections? Check out the last blog post.On his daily routine, he enjoys being challenged to learn, explore and innovate. That is why he is always up for a chance of stepping out of his comfort zone, no matter how much effort mastering a new task will take. As he explains, “that is what engineers are educated to do: take a new task and find a way to solve it”.With a proven track record, he brings a fresh perspective on solving real-world problems using robotics. He is someone you want on your team! ????Besides being passionate about his job, outdoor activities are a key interest for Daniel. In his spare time, when he is not bouldering, cycling or hiking, he is learning a new language.Do you dare to be challenged in your job? Building cutting-edge products? In a forward-looking team? Join us here!

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